Today is the 60th anniversary of the first broadcast of a landmark cartoon show from the town of Bedrock.

The first prime-time cartoon show, the show that moved children’s entertainment toward animation and away from live action, the show that made Hanna-Barbera a cartoon powerhouse, the show whose characters have sold more vitamins than any fitness guru on Earth, none other than The Flintstones.


The Flintstones were originally supposed to be called the Gladstones, then the Flagstones, before landing on Flintstones.

And both Fred Flintstone and his best buddy, Barney Rubble, were originally designed to look like actual cave people, with long hair and long beards, not so clean cut.

They eventually lost that look as the producers recognized the show would be funnier if it was a Stone Age version of modern times, with all the same stuff people in 1960 had, just made out of rock and usually crafted by dinosaurs.

The show ran for most of the 1960s, but stayed on in reruns for decades and their faces are still on merchandise today, though some younger consumers these days may not quite know why.

I saw a parent post the other day that their child had referred to the Flintstones, some of the biggest names in cartoon television history, as those people from prehistoric times who sell vitamins for some reason.

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And thanks to all the people who are now keeping in touch with Tony Williams of England.

After becoming a widower WIlliams was putting ads in the newspaper and handing out business cards asking for people to talk to.

He was that lonely!

Finally he put up a poster on his window asking for, as John Prine put it, someone to say hello in there. And they did.

He’s now getting lots of phone calls, cards, letters and enough emails to make his inbox crash.

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Photo by Brickset via Flickr/Creative Commons