As Captain Planet used to say, the power is YOURS!

Maybe the power really is everybody’s now, thanks to a new technology out of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

It pulls electricity out of the air!

The device uses nanotechnology to absorb moisture from the air and begin a process that generates an electrical current between its electrodes.

That’s it. That’s the whole process.

A clean energy that they say works in any part of the world – even deserts.

It doesn’t need sun or wind, and it can already power devices the size of say, our fitness trackers, or our medical devices.

Eventually they think it could work well enough to power our smartphones, or be embedded into the paint on our walls, to power everything we use.

And no, from the looks of it, a Sith lord could not use this to shoot lightning at anybody. Which is a win for sure.

I suspect Steamboat Springs, Colorado is feeling pretty good about something that happened earlier this month at their winter carnival.

They set the world record for the largest single firework explosion.

It was 62 inches, 2,797 pounds in all, going off about a mile in the air.

But more telling than any of the statistics? If you watch the video of the launch, when it goes off… it illuminates an entire mountain.

New Green Technology from UMass Amherst Generates Electricity ‘Out of Thin Air’ (University of Massachusetts)

The world’s largest single firework just lit up the night sky in Steamboat Springs (ABC 7 Denver)

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Photo by mario forcherio via Flickr/Creative Commons