This Smart Glove Can Help People Recover From A Stroke (Cool Weird Awesome 1177)

A new wearable device can track arm and hand movements from people recovering from strokes to help improve their rehab exercises.

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How A Guy In 1974 Used A Computer To Order Pizza (Cool Weird Awesome 1139)

Today in 1974, the first time a person used a computer to order a pizza. It wasn't an online order, but it was still a big moment in the history of tech (and the history of pizza).

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A Statue Of Liberty Stamp That Didn’t Actually Feature The Statue Of Liberty (Cool Weird Awesome 1138)

Today in 2010, the US Postal Service released a new stamp featuring the Statue of Liberty - well, sort of. And that “sort of” ended up being a big and expensive deal.

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The Key To Next-Generation Batteries Might Be In Crab Shells (Cool Weird Awesome 1128)

The tech industry is always on the lookout for the next big thing in batteries. Scientists on the East Coast may have found it in crab shells. 

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These Smart Glasses Can Generate Real-Time Speech Captions For Deaf People (Cool Weird Awesome 1072)

TranscribeGlass is a new set of glasses powered by artificial intelligence that can transcribe speech in real time and create captions for people who need them.

The World Has Ankle Monitors Partly Because Of Spider-Man Comics (Cool Weird Awesome 1019)

Today in 1962, Spider-Man first appeared in comic books. He's had a huge influence on comics, movies, cartoons and really entertainment as a whole, but did you also know a Spider-Man comic helped lead to the creation of the first ankle monitor?

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Meet ESTHER, A Robot That Plays Wheelchair Tennis (Cool Weird Awesome 1005)

We’ve talked a lot on the show about the many different skills robots are learning. Now we can tell you about Experimental Sport Tennis Wheelchair Robot, which is learning to play tennis. 

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How To Keep Flying Robots Flying Even When Their Wings Are Damaged (Cool Weird Awesome 972)

Drones are becoming increasingly useful, but they can get damaged and grounded pretty quickly. A team at MIT has found bee-inspired workarounds that would keep impaired robotic crafts flying.

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This Device Could Tell You When Your Voice Is Getting Tired (Cool Weird Awesome 958)

There's a team at Northwestern University that's ready to help the tired vocal cords of the world: a wearable device that can tell when a voice needs a break.

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A New Brace Can Treat Scoliosis Without Cramping The Wearer’s Style (Cool Weird Awesome 865)

Back braces for scoliosis haven't always been the most comfortable or fun to wear in public. But Airy, the newest prototype back brace, could even be called stylish.

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