They say it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, but at this spot, you might wish it wasn’t.


Today we’re talking about a new exhibit at the Disgusting Food Museum, an actual museum in the town of Malmo, in southern Sweden, just across the bridge from Copenhagen, Denmark.

While the usual attractions are what you’d expect from a place called the Disgusting Food Museum, the new exhibit is about the strangest alcoholic drinks the world has ever seen.

The museum director, Andreas Ahrens, says the exhibit explores the idea that some humans confront drinks they find truly revolting, and will still drink them down in pursuit of a buzz, or more.

Some are drinks that people in the former Soviet Union used to down when nothing else was available, even though some of them could technically be considered poisons.

The exhibit also includes a sample of a wine made in prison and fermented in a toilet, and gin that’s fermented with red wood ants.

There’s also something called End of History, a beer with more than ten times the alcohol content of a typical brew – and served inside a taxidermied squirrel.

There are plenty of other drinks in this exhibit that I could not bring myself to mention here, for fear you might hear me get sick during the show.

Check out the link below to go deeper into the new exhibit.


Having thoroughly covered disgust, let’s move on to disappointment: last week we told you about how the community of Asbestos, Quebec was looking for a new name, and that residents were set to choose one of four finalist names next month.

The CBC reported over the weekend that the public response to the replacement names has been so cool that they’re going to go back into the suggestion pile and try again.

The good news is that the suggestion pile has around 1,000 ideas in it.

But if those don’t work, maybe they could name themselves after our show?

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