There is an all-woman Zep tribute band that the search engines don’t want you to know about. Their name is Lez Zeppelin, which is amazing, but because it’s only one letter off from the original, if you put the name into YouTube or any search bar, you will almost certainly get results for Led Zeppelin because the system automatically assumes you can’t spell and are actually looking for Jimmy Page and company. This ridiculous phenomenon reached its peak in 2008, when the Bonnaroo Festival put out a press release saying that Lez Zeppelin would be part of that year’s lineup along with Kanye West and Metallica and a bunch of news outlets, including some big ones, started reporting that Led Zeppelin was playing the festival. They had to issue some quick corrections on that one.

All of this is a shame because Lez Zeppelin is a great band that does justice to the Zep catalogue. But they also have this wonderfully weird holiday track “Mystic Snowman,” where they put Frosty in place of the May Queen and the lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold.

There’s a line toward the end that goes “And as we wind on down the road/There goes a snowman we all know.” That’s what’s gold.