“The Edge Of The Earth” is the ninth track on Cold Holiday’s 2023 album “We Are All We Have.”

You can’t think your way out
You can’t talk your way out
You can’t climb your way up
You can’t slide your way down
The exits aren’t marked
The escape hatch is blocked
It’s a hard time to have a heart
It’s better off locked
Away from the page
Where this book lost the plot

But I’m still trying
I’m still trying
I’m still on your side

The busload of faith
It broke down on the road
Can’t head back, can’t call in the
Favors we’re owed
The new normal’s not normal
It’s not even new
The last bit of magic
Just hasn’t come through
If I could, I’d make every one of your wishes
Come true

But I’m still trying
I’m still trying
I’m still on your side

And if the engine stalls
The tank runs dry and the lights blink off
Four flattened tires grind to a stop
Stalled out, stunned and burned
Blocked around every turn
Together we’ll sit at the edge of the earth

When the asteroid hits and the time bomb ticks
When the wildfire spreads and the last sun sets
When the lightning strikes and the plane can’t fly
When you have to take one more stand but your heart just can’t

We are all we have

Words and music by Brady Carlson
Performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Cold Holiday
© 2023 Cold Holiday. All rights reserved.

Cover photo by The Ewan via Flickr/Creative Commons