Halloween gets spooky

This is not my pumpkin, this is my neighbor’s pumpkin. I bring it up as a comparison to my pumpkin-related efforts this past week, which were somewhat less successful.

We got a really nice pumpkin from our CSA a week or so ago, and while Sonya was in Illinois with her family I tried to fill my time with projects, including my first solo attempt at using fresh pumpkin in a pie. (Some people make solo attempts at large mountains, I make solo attempts at pies, and then only after years of team pie-making.) I actually did pretty well with carving up the pumpkin, saving the seeds and then boiling up the pieces until they turned into pumpkin goo. I added in the other ingredients, put them in the pie crusts, and we were off!

Off being the operative word here, in that what was supposed to be on the edges of the pie crusts (foil) was off, meaning I ended up with two very burnt crusts encircling slightly undercooked pumpkin pie goo.

Foiled by foil.

– Brady