The big question of the week is: Which team will sign Goalkeeper Cat?

What you’re reading is the first installment of something I’d like to do for my fellow parents. My idea, in short, is to wade through the mess that is YouTube and find a few videos each week that are worth watching with your kids.

Yes, I know we’re supposed to be exhorting our kids to read books, hike trails and do coding projects in between piano lessons, soccer practices and vegetable tastings, but we are humans and humans get tired and when humans get tired they can sit in front of a screen and chill. Since YouTube’s recommendation engines are, shall we say, not entirely trustworthy, I’m declaring myself the Best Dad On The Internet and guiding you toward the good stuff.

My credentials: I have three kids and am very good at finding good content on the internet

This week’s videos:

Goalkeeper Cat

Slow-motion videos of a cat that can block shots on goal. Why has no one signed this cat as a keeper yet? [Walter Santi]

Paper Airplane That Flies Forever

Build a paper airplane in just the right way, and put little fans in just the right places, and you’re flying forever. Would have been good for Indiana Jones, who knew how to fly – as long as he didn’t have to land. [ViralVideoLab]

Baby bunnies in cups and slippers

When in doubt, reach for a cute animal video. It’s a tried and true technique for social media and parenting alike. And there are some pretty adorable animals. [My BB Bunny]

Little magnets meet gigantic magnets

The Magnetic Games channel introduces shapes made of tiny magnetic balls to super-strong magnets, some of which are called Death Magnet. Death Magnet!!! Watching how the little magnets react when they feel the pull of the big ones is lots of fun, especially when you see it happen in slow motion. [Magnetic Games]

Farewell to a king


There was awful news this week that the creator of The King of Random channel, Grant Thompson, died in an accident in Utah at age 38. King of Random videos are terrific for families – above all, they’re about the joy you get from coming up with an idea and making it happen. And Grant came up with a million of them – not to mention hiring the two outstanding hosts who you see on the channel today. RIP and thank you, Grant. [The King of Random]

Tell me what you think of the videos, or share some of your own favorites with me, or let me know if this new project of mine is useful!