Mary Toft, The Woman Who Said She Gave Birth To Rabbits (Cruel Weird Awful 6)

Here's a story that brought out the worst in everybody: it's the story of Mary Toft, the so-called Rabbit Queen of 18th Century England who claimed she had given birth to countless numbers of rabbits and other wild creatures.

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With Solar-Reflective Paint, School Playgrounds Are Getting Cooler (Cool Weird Awesome 850)

Hot days make for stuffy classrooms, and that can make it hard to learn, but going outside to scorching hot asphalt playgrounds isn’t much better. A school near Atlanta is demonstrating one partial solution, and it’s as simple as getting a fresh coat of paint.

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Jimmy Carter Vs. The Swamp Rabbit (Cool Weird Awesome 280)

It’s a very odd anniversary in the history of the U.S. presidency. Today in 1979, President Jimmy Carter got into a fight with a rabbit.

Goalkeeper Cat Makes The Save: This Week’s YouTube Videos To Watch With Your Kids

Since YouTube's recommendation engines are, shall we say, not entirely trustworthy, I'm declaring myself the Best Dad On The Internet and guiding you toward the good stuff.

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What A Time To Be A Hologram (Cool Weird Awesome 22)

Frank Zappa is back out on tour. Now if you’re scratching your saying, wait, isn’t Frank Zappa dead? Well, yes, but this is the era of hologram concert tours!

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Night of the Lepus

The director is asking the audience to take it on faith that these rabbits, who are only shown hopping, frolicking and sniffing things, are really a threat to the town. It also doesn't help that when a rabbit is actually attacking someone, the "rabbit" is very clearly a guy in a bunny suit.

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