Hee Haw: The Next Generation

For trenchant media theory and criticism, look no further than random people on YouTube!

In the pilot episode [of The Critic], we were treated to three quick parodies right off the bat. Keep in mind this show was made in 1994, and how within the first two minutes, it already bares an incredible similarity to Family Guy.

The similarity “bares” further examination, too: Family Guy, as we all know, was founded in 1999, which is five years AFTER The Critic made its debut. Which means that Al Jean and those other guys are actually shapeshifters who live backwards in time and steal ideas from TV producers in the future. And eat unsuspecting celebrities (Ted Kennedy and Walter Cronkite weren’t ill, folks).

And they’re not the only ones. That Captain Kirk fella looks an awful lot like the people on Star Trek: The Next Generation! ANOTHER SHOW THAT THE CRITIC BARES AN INCREDIBLE SIMILARITY TO, JUST LOOK:

We’ll pick this up during next week’s lecture, “‘Saved By The Bell’ and the incredible similarity it bares to ‘Saved By The Bell: The College Years'”