A lot of us turn to coffee to start our day (and to keep going throughout it).

And a lot of those coffee cups are disposable ones, with those plastic tops.

Not the greenest thing we do as a society.

Some estimates suggest the plastic tops of coffee cups are a full five percent of the millions of tons of plastic waste that end up in the ocean each year.

Here’s another effort to fix that: the Unocup, a paper cup that folds up to become its own top!

Two designers in New York have been working on the idea since 2015.

They tried some 800 prototypes until they found just the right shape and series of folds to make it workable.

The end result looked a little like a fast food container for French fries, so they partnered with an artist to give the cups some pizzazz.

After all, visually striking cups will get more attention for the project.

Will coffee drinkers figure them out?

That remains to be seen, but honestly, a lot of us have trouble getting those plastic lids to stay on the top of our coffee cups already, so folding over a coffee cup won’t be much different.

They’re the kinds of tasks we can usually do better after, y’know, we’ve had some coffee.

Yoga with goats has been a thing for a while now.

We told you about yoga with alpacas not so long ago, and now Zoo Miami is offering the next logical thing, Yoga With The Rhinos.

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