We haven’t had a robot roundup in a while, and now I remember why. We press on, but definitely not unafraid.

This robot wants to road trip down to Charlottesville, man, and see where it all began

The world’s first bearded robot looks like nothing so much as that guy you know who loves to bring up the Dave Matthews Band every chance he gets:

Scared yet? If not, you will be after seeing this:

Creepy robot

So maybe the rise of the machines won’t turn Earth into a dark, post-apocalyptic dystopia but a global HORDE Festival where robot
jam bands control us all through massive overdoses of mellowness.

I’m not only the hair club president, I’m also a robot

Check out Sy Sperling-bot here, a “restoration robot” that puts hair back on bald heads. Would the world’s balds join forces with conquering robots in exchange for hair? Not most of them – though I’m keeping an eye on you, Howie Mandel.

The Coming War Against Robots – or the Coming War For Hume Cronyn

Even I can admit this little helicopter bot is pretty cute:

Once again I’m refining my theories. I still think control of the planet may shift from humans to robots, but that the robots will be like the little critters in that Jessica Tandy movie “Batteries Not Included.” Which won’t be so bad as long as we all move into dilapidated brownstone buildings as fast as we can.