Farming Robots Are Weeding The Fields With Lasers (Cool Weird Awesome 875)

If you have fields, you almost certainly have weeds. Pulling them can take a lot of time or money, but farmers now have a new way to make that part of the job a lot easier: a weed-zapping robot that uses lasers.

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The Robot That Could Do Surgeries In Space (Cool Weird Awesome 837)

MIRA is a small robotic surgery system that's set for testing on the International Space Station - and could end up helping astronauts prepare for long-term missions to the Moon as part of the Artemis project.

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Waiters In Paris Once Went On Strike Over Mustaches (Cool Weird Awesome 753)

This month in 1907 waiters in Paris went on strike. Yes, they wanted better pay and improved working conditions, but their most high profile demand: they wanted the right to grow mustaches.

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This Worm-Shaped Pipe-Clearing Robot Could Be The Fatberg Fighter We Need (Cool Weird Awesome 738)

There really is a robot now called the Pipe-Worm. It's built to unclog pipes, and it does it by mimicking earthworms.

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A Robot Seacraft Is Exploring The Ocean For A Few Years (Cool Weird Awesome 659)

It's called the Intrepid Benthic Rover II, and its five year (or more) mission is to explore the deep ocean, most of the time by itself. Plus: in a new book artist Marina Luz paints the covers of books where people are trying to describe a book when they can’t remember the title.

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John Hanson, The Guy Who Was Sort Of President Before George Washington (Cool Weird Awesome 650)

Today in 1781, the first U.S. president, John Hanson, was elected. Of course, being a U.S. president in 1781 was very different from the job George Washington, the first president under the U.S. Constitution, would hold eight years later. Plus: the University of British Columbia has a robot named Robby to paint all the lines on its sports fields. 

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Robots Are Trying To Clean Up The Beaches (Cool Weird Awesome 591)

Summer is beach season, and for those times when people leave litter and other waste behind, there are two separate projects to develop robots to clean up after them. Plus: Sunny, the radiated tortoise at the Dallas Zoo, gets a personalized, hand-built scratching station for those hard-to-get itches. 

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The Original Olympic Flag Went Missing For Over 70 Years (Cool Weird Awesome 583)

The original Olympic flag flew over the Games for the first time in 1920, in Antwerp, Belgium, but before it could be passed to the next host city, the “Antwerp flag” disappeared - for over seven decades. Plus: scientists have taught a robotic hand to play Super Mario Bros., because why wouldn't you? 

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The CIA Once Created Robot Fish (Cool Weird Awesome 560)

It's National Go Fishing Day, though the fish in today’s story aren’t exactly the ones you’d expect to catch. They’re robotic fish called Charlie and Charlene, and they were developed by the Central Intelligence Agency. Plus: tomorrow is National Surfing Day, and one place you might mark the occasion is the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum in California.

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Self-Directed Robot Fish May Point The Way Toward Roads Full Of Self-Driving Cars (Cool Weird Awesome 494)

Blueswarm is a school of autonomous robot fish who scan their surroundings and calculate how they can swim together without colliding, like a school of actual fish. And the technology modeled on "implicit coordination" may be useful for lots of other high-tech devices in the future. Plus: GLYPHS is a project to develop new perfumes based on typology. No, there isn't a Comic Sans scent just yet.

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