Living Indefinitely is just hoppin’ these days! When I first sat down to write my little message to you I was going to write about summer, which has finally come to my neck of the woods. But that sounded too trite, so I decided to talk about the softball team Sonya and I are on, which just won its third game in a row and that is pretty exciting. But then something happened to me in Boston and I had to tell you all about it right away.

See, I was walking along a street somewhere in Boston, and I saw a police motorcycle guy drive past. He had his lights flashing and siren blaring and I thought, “Ok, wow.” But then another one came through. And another. And then two together, riding side by side. Then a bunch more.

I’d only seen this kind of thing on TV, when they show those motorcades, so I thought, “What could be in the motorcade?” And just then I saw a big white commuter bus go by! And I figured it out!

What must’ve happened was, somebody hijacked the bus and they had to keep it going really fast, just like in Speed 1! I whipped around really fast to see if Keanu Reeves or Sandra Bullock was on the bus (or Dennis Hopper, for that matter). I saw somebody that looked a little like Keanu Reeves but it could’ve been a reflection. It was dark so I couldn’t tell for sure, and the bus was moving pretty fast down the street… but not too fast! Or else, KABLOW!

I didn’t hear anything else about the real life Speed bus, but it was a pretty exciting thing. I’m totally glad I decided to tell you all about it.