I’m watching the clock run down on my first Kickstarter project. It’s not exactly a thrilling finale, given that we made the goal weeks ago, so I’m passing the time finding songs about the late, lamented President Garfield.

Most famous of these, of course, is the tune Johnny Cash used to sing about Mister Garfield, who got shot down, got shot down.

There’s a song about the man who shot Garfield, Charles Guiteau, though it’s essentially a folk song about someone else who shot someone else, with a little old-school find-and-replace action to fit the facts of the case.

This tune is weaved into the “Ballad of Guiteau” in musical Assassins, but I won’t subject you to it since a) this project is about the presidents, not assassins and b) I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to show tunes. Oh, fine, here it is.

Alternative rockers may remember Juliana Hatfield’s song “President Garfield”, which makes reference to Washington, D.C., but not to the prez himself. I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of this mystery.

This next song has no such mystery – it’s pretty clear what it’s about.

A transcription of the lyrics:

James, James, James Garfield. James A Garfield (repeat 4x)
oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking ’bout
go on, you crazy president, you
are you ready? okay, here we go…
James, James, James Garfield. James A Garfield (repeat 4x)

Deep, man.

I’m expecting to find a few more in the book In Memoriam: Gems of poetry and song on James A. Garfield; I’ll take some notes and let you know what I find.