Hot on the heels of another animated hero gone rogue, our friend Anna brings us the story of a new alleged scofflaw in Los Angeles. Absorbent and yellow and porous is he.

The man was questioned but not arrested Tuesday in what a Los Angeles Police Department official described as a “brief incident with two females.” No other details were available.

The incident was the latest run-in between characters who pose for pictures with tourists and then aggressively demand money, according to police.

City rules allow people to tip characters, but prohibit them from demanding payment.

Meanwhile, the Informer reports the men allegedly behind the Gumby caper came forward and talked with police. They weren’t arrested, but the Gumby suit “is in custody.” “Impounded,” says Detective Gary Hassen.

Which means the only plausible explanation here is that the Gumby suit is an alien symbiote like Venom in the Spider-Man universe. An inept one that carries small amounts of change in its pockets, to be sure, but a symbiote nonetheless.

One has to think that Hamburglar is enjoying all the chaos from an underground base somewhere, right?