I’ve been watching through the windows
And I’m learning what you think
The small talk gets smaller
And I’m hoping for anything

Watching me come to my senses
I am waiting up again
I am trying to find it out
Before you walk away

I’ve been waiting, is it hopeless
Just to wonder what it means
It’s turning all around me
Am I only seeing things?

Spinning’s the loneliest beginning
I knew it when I heard you say
“Am I walking backwards
If I am don’t walk away”


The different sides of me
My eyes are opening
It’s crazy it’s crazy
But it’s all I want to be

And it’s all I ever wanted
I’m back to backwards

Words and music by Brady Carlson
Recorded, produced and performed by Streetcar – Brady Carlson, guitars and vocals; Amy Borchwald, bass; Jeff Giba, drums
© 1994 Streetcar. All rights reserved.