Today’s the day in 1962 that “The Jetsons” premiered on ABC.

Fitting for a show about the future, it was the first color broadcast for the network.

Another cartoon, “The Flintstones” had been produced in color for a few years but was being broadcast in black and white.

At a time when the world’s superpowers were racing to explore space, “The Jetsons” imagined a very space-age world in the year 2062.

And some of its predictions have come true!


George Jetson’s boss yells at him over video calls, which look an awful lot like the calls a lot of us have been using recently.

We have flat screen TVs, talking devices and even some robots, though our robots aren’t quite like Rosie, the Jetsons’ robotic housekeeper.

We also don’t have flying cars, like the people on the show had, and while George Jetson’s work week was nine hours long – that’s right, three hours a day, three days a week – our work week is still mostly five days.

All that said, though, we are now chronologically closer to the year 2062, when the show takes place, than we are to the year 1962, when the show was first broadcast.

So if you’re looking forward to a time when you can ask Jane to stop this crazy thing, well, maybe it’s on its way.


Today is National American Pot Pie Day, though the world record in the category for “Largest pie, meat” belongs to a group of catering students from the UK.

In 1998, they made a meat pie that was 32 feet long, over 7 feet wide and 2 feet deep, weighing 23,237 pounds.

Lots of leftovers, I bet.

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