This is a fun way to wrap up the week.

It’s a living musical instrument: a kind of keyboard where all the keys are plants.

The GoodNewsNetwork reported on this project from a Spanish tech startup called Bioo, which works on initiatives to generate green electricity out of nature.

Along the way they developed this “green piano.”

Here’s how it works: the system can essentially detect the change in frequency that comes from when a plant is being touched (hopefully gently).

It then generates a voltage conducted by the plants that’s converted into musical notes.

The instrument has a very ethereal, New Agey kind of sound, and the keys are arranged the same way as on a piano.

Though the layout, at Spain’s Ibiza Botánico Biotecnológico, is big enough that you probably need another musician with you, and then probably someone to water the plants.


Today is International Mountain Day, and while the biggest mountains tend to have majestic names – think of Kilimanjaro, or Denali, or Fuji – there are some with, well, more down to earth names. has a list of 11 Summits with Outrageous Names.

Some are too outrageous for this show, but I will point out a good one from Navajo County, Arizona: Rotten Bananas Butte.

Ethereal Sounds Are Emanating From the World’s First ‘Piano’ Made From Plants (GoodNewsNetwork)

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