Didier Delsalle Landed His Helicopter On Top Of Mount Everest (Cool Weird Awesome 1242)

Today in 2005, test pilot Didier Delsalle took a helicopter where a helicopter had never gone before: the summit of Mount Everest. 

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The Dog That Climbed All Of New Hampshire’s 4,000 Foot Mountains (Cool Weird Awesome 1031)

Today in 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution. A dog there once climbed all 48 of the state’s 4,000 foot high mountains.

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Why People Push Peanuts Up Pikes Peak With Their Noses (Cool Weird Awesome 1000)

It's our 1000th episode! To celebrate, here's the story of a guy this month in 1929 who won a bet by proving he could push a peanut all the way up Pikes Peak with his nose.

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A 10 Month Old Kitten Once Climbed The Matterhorn… Somehow (Cool Weird Awesome 844)

Today in 1950, the Coshocton, Ohio Tribune carried a news story with one heck of a headline: “Kitten Scales Matterhorn: Veteran Mountain Climbers Are Astonished”! Here's how the cat, later nicknamed Matt, got there.

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A Rare Blood Condition Led To The “Blue People Of Kentucky” (Cool Weird Awesome 794)

A family in rural Kentucky with a rare blood disorder had blue complexions for decades - until a doctor found a way to treat it.

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The Guy Who Climbed Mount Hood To Drop Off A Morning Paper For His Friends (Cool Weird Awesome 592)

Today in 1947, two men who had climbed Oregon's Mount Hood and stayed overnight woke up to find a surprise: a quart of milk and the morning newspaper. Who would climb a mountain just to leave those items? Plus: a study out of the University of Greenwich finds that bees get an actual buzz out of naturally-occurring caffeine.

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The Race Up The World’s Longest Staircase (Cool Weird Awesome 555)

Adventurous type headed to Switzerland each year for a race like no other: a run up a world record staircase known as the Niesen Stairway Run.

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The Keyboard Made From Plants (Cool Weird Awesome 439)

A Spanish tech startup called Bioo has built an installation in which plants serve as the keys of a kind of "green piano." Plus: for International Mountain Day, a look at some of the peaks with more down-to-earth names.

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The Mountain That’s Higher Than The Highest Mountain (Cool Weird Awesome 169)

This is Geography Awareness Week, and on our fascinating planet Mount Everest is the tallest mountain - but it's not actually the highest point on earth. That's actually Mount Chimborazo, in Ecuador.

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