Where I live, garbage day is coming up.

The garbage truck is pretty high-tech: it drives by the house, extends its robot arms to pick up my garbage can and shake the contents into its back compartment.

My end of the transaction, though, is still old-school: I put the trash bags in and wheel the cart to the curb.

I want to be high tech too!

We appear to have a smart tech solution to this scenario with the Smart Can.

It’s a motorized, automated trash bin, that will drive itself to the curb every week.

As described on the site Interesting Engineering, the user sets up docking stations where the can is supposed to go on trash day, and where it lives the rest of the time, and once the companion smartphone app knows when the can needs to be out on the curb, it will send itself there.

Now it’s still early days for this invention, it’s not like you can order it tomorrow and have the garbage taking itself out next week.

But in time, it might become so useful and so successful that it’ll get the most important seal of approval in the smart technology world: having cats ride around on it.

Tomorrow in Baltimore, it’s the pinball festival known as PinBaltimore! Participants will get play-as-much-as-you-want privileges on more than 50 pinball machines. And for more competitive players, there’s the Baltimore City Pinball Championships.

New Automated Trash Can Drives Itself to the Curb on Trash Day (Interesting Engineering)


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