Food tastes better when it’s cooked in a giant robotic pig truck.

June 25 was the birthday of Anthony Bourdain.

Some of the chef and TV host’s best friends have turned the day into a new holiday, to celebrate Bourdain’s enthusiasm for traveling, eating, learning and especially for going off the beaten path to really get to know people and recipes and places.

And to do that, he had some pretty smart and simple advice: get out of a city’s tourist district, and onto the streets.

Places that might be weird looking but full of locals are usually worth a visit.

This was particularly true of outdoor markets, street food and food trucks, sometimes the ones that had some personality to share along with culinary skill.

That’s why I was thinking of Bourdain when I saw an article called “12 Weird And Wonderful Food Trucks.”

It had a restored fire truck where some former firefighters teamed up with a chef to sell crepes on the streets of Denver.

There’s the Star Wars-themed grilled cheese truck in Arkansas known as the Grillennium Falcon.

It might not look like much but it’s got it where it counts….

My favorite, which sadly appears to be on hiatus, is Maximus/Minimus, a giant barbecue truck that’s shaped sort of like a massive steampunk pig.

The name came from the options you had in ordering a sandwich.

Maximus meant a sandwich with full-on sauces and spices, minimus was maybe not quite so maximus.

To paraphrase the man we’re celebrating today, the extent to which you can walk in somebody else’s shoes, or at least eat their street food, it’s a plus for everybody.

Meanwhile, a team at Delta Airlines made a barbecue grill into the side of a jet engine.

An out-of-service jet engine, not one that’s connected to a plane.

Otherwise the grilling sessions could become problematic right around takeoff…

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Maximus/Minimus photo by Jeremy Reding via Flickr/Creative Commons