It’s been just about five years since I met Washington DC’s famous Racing Presidents, the Nationals mascots that hold a footrace in between innings at every home game. There are usually hijinks involved: one time the race was called on account of a Sharknado, for example. On this night, the opposing team’s mascot, Oriole Bird, decided to knock over several of the runners. Racing William Taft had to sacrifice his own dreams of victory to stop the bird; Thomas Jefferson won almost by default and proceeded to celebrate by dancing to A-Ha’s “Take On Me” (!)

A few innings later I got to meet the Racing Presidents, who were hanging out in the stadium concourse. I’ve posted the official photo of our meeting before – but today I’m also sharing the photos you haven’t seen: the ones where a bro who wasn’t paying attention just jumped into the picture and gave a bro pose, before Nationals staff told him to wait three seconds. I’d forgotten all about this excitable guy. I hope he eventually got his glamour shot with the Racing Presidents.

Or maybe this was his glamour shot?

A bro photobombs me and the Racing Presidents A dude realizes he's just photobombed me and the Racing Presidents