Today we get to hear about someone who is making her dreams come true. Literally.

Melati Suryodarmo is a performance artist from Surakarta, Indonesia, and her performances have explored some pretty deep topics.

She once did a show about how we deal with limitations by dancing (and repeatedly falling) on 20 bricks of butter.

In another show she spent hours saying “I love you” over and over while trying to maneuver a large pane of glass, physically demonstrating how hard it can be to express our feelings.

Her new work is called “If We Were XYZ,” and it’s based on her dreams, which she documented with the help of an electroencephalogram machine.

She gave her collaborators the dream data, which they used to create musical and visual accompaniment for the performances.

And there are only two of these performances, both this week at the Asia Society Museum in Manhattan.

It sure will be interesting to see what she and her colleagues have dreamed up.

And the dreams of the world’s chefs may be realized in Texas.

The World Food Championships are now underway in Dallas, with some 1,500 award-winning chefs and cooks putting it all on the line and/or plate.

Today’s schedule includes the opening round of the seafood competition, and the first round of bacon.

Does becoming world bacon champion make you like the most popular person on the internet?

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