Don't Hassel the Hoff

The key lines from this past week:

Just don’t hassel him: “We want everyone to enjoy the Hoff… We’re flattered by the attention.” – Kate Ngo of Cumberland Farms, whose company set out hundreds of David Hasselhoff cutouts, all but 20 of which were almost immediately stolen. [USA Today]

Parenthetically, do you ever wonder if “Danny and the Dinosaur” author Syd Hoff ever regretted not billing himself as “the Hoff” years before Hasselhoff hit it big?

Except that 2084 was already taken by Robotron: “Set in dystopian Catcotopia 2084, LOLPERA is the story of our epik quest for meaning in our modern world … told entirely through stupid cat pictures.” [Neatorama]

Shouldn’t the boss be more concerned about how “we are not that busy”?

"We look like idoits to the Germans!"