We called it Quote Hell; now we call it Words Can Hurt. And it’s every Monday from here on out.

Racy film set in a classroom

Today’s quote comes from a website that looks at movies of – ahem – that sort which are set in a classroom. Perhaps unclear on the concept of these films, the author hones in not on the people but on the accuracy of the on-set blackboards. My favorite so far is the write-up of a film that takes place in a Russian history class.

Not a bad map by history teacher standards, though St Petersburg is too far south and Vladivostok too far north. But it certainly gives an idea of the key areas – this was a time of great Russian expansion into the Baltic, Ukraine and Siberia, war with the Ottoman Empire, and the moving of the capital to St Petersburg. The lumping together of ‘breakaway republics’ may show a tendency to generalise.

One can only assume there’s already a film called “The Lumping Together of Breakway Republics” – probably one of those clunky translations of a title that’s a lot saucier in the original Estonian.