Wilson Pickett’s “Mustang Sally” Became A Hit, After A Tape Machine Cut It To Pieces (Cool Weird Awesome 1205)

Today in 1941, the birthday of Wilson Pickett, a legend of soul and R&B music, and one who had an engineer save one of his future hit songs from a very hungry tape machine. 

How A Christmas Card Gave Us “It’s A Wonderful Life” (Cool Weird Awesome 1151)

Today in 1946, the release of the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.” It took a while for the movie to win its spot in the top ranks of holiday films - and the story on which the movie is based also took a little while to make its way into the world. 

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Jackie Ormes Brought Black Characters To The Comics Page (Cool Weird Awesome 1060)

Today in 1911, the birthday of Jackie Ormes, the first Black woman to have syndicated comic strips in newspapers.

The Wilhelm Scream Is The Classic Hollywood Sound Effect You Can’t Stop Hearing (Cool Weird Awesome 984)

Today in 1921, the birthday of Sheb Wooley, who had a hit song in the 50s called the “Purple People Eater" and is believed to be the guy who gave a scream that's been featured in hundreds of movies: the Wilhelm Scream. 

President Franklin Roosevelt Once Dreamed Of Writing Movies (Cool Weird Awesome 938)

Today in 1882, the birthday of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He wound up being America’s longest serving president, but at one point FDR had a very different destiny in mind for himself: he wanted to write screenplays for movies.

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Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 Point Game Was Truly One Of A Kind (Cool Weird Awesome 723)

Today in 1962 one of the most stunning performances in the history of basketball, or really in all of pro sports: Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a game.

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Wally Funk, At Long Last An Astronaut (Cool Weird Awesome 707)

Today in 1939, the birthday of Wally Funk. She first passed astronaut training in her 20s and could have been one of the first US astronauts, but after some 60 years of trying, she finally got into space.

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The Time Paul Newman Really Didn’t Want People To See A Paul Newman Movie (Cool Weird Awesome 703)

Today was the birthday in 1925 of actor and entrepreneur Paul Newman, who made some very popular and very acclaimed movies. But there was one movie he made that he loathed so much, he actually took out ads to convince people not to watch it.

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The Woman Who Brought Hollywood To Communist Romania (Cool Weird Awesome 676)

In the late 1980s Romania was still behind the Iron Curtain, but its people wanted to see and hear film, TV shows and music from the US and other countries. Irina Nistor used her voice to bring some of that outside media to the people.

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