11 11, 2010

My Year With The A-Team: Season 4, Episode 4 – Lease With An Option To Die

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Murdock's "mommy" - which is Hannibal dressed as an old woman - pulls out a machine gun and starts shooting up the office. The Monty Python Pepperpots are Delta Force!

8 04, 2010

My Year With The A-Team: Season 2, Episode 6 – The Taxicab Wars

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You all wanted it, and now you've got it: Latka Gravas, Urban Terrorist takes on the A-Team in a violently hilarious crossover with "Taxi." Tony Danza and Judd Hirsch have to hire Hannibal and company when one of Latka's multiple personalities turns out to be a paranoid looney hell-bent on destroying the city's transportation infrastructure. There is intrigue everywhere and much planning is done on both sides, but the city is saved when Murdock realizes he can simply out-crazy Latka. Not to be denied, Andy Kaufman breaks character, yelling “I can't handle any more violence!” while throwing rubber goldfish at the camera. There is great commotion – Dirk Benedict gets into a shoving match with Rhea Perlman – and then next week Kaufman's manager comes on to explain the whole thing was just a hilarious prank.