These days cars increasingly get where they need to go with the help of advanced technology.

New vehicles are pretty much computers you can drive, and they’re only getting more powerful.

As we’ve heard so many times, cars may eventually drive us from place to place instead of the other way around.

But in addition to these efforts to give cars robot-like brains, there are also efforts underway to give cars robot-like frames.


Hyundai announced recently it’s setting up a studio to further develop what it calls “ultimate mobility vehicles.”

One of these it calls the Elevate, which is a concept for an electric car with a big twist.

When it encounters terrain that the wheels can’t drive through, the car can stand up.

It has legs that can extend over obstacles and walk through them, on them or over them.

It’s the kind of technology that could be very useful during a disaster, either for rescues or for cleanup.

And a smaller version of the vehicle could help people with mobility issues go up and down stairs, right in or out of the car, for some high-tech curbside pickup and delivery.

They don’t come right out and say this would also help if Decepticons come to the planet to steal all our energy, but we kind of all know that, right?

Off-road capable robot cars are a pretty hot topic, but what about off-road lawn mowers?

Jaymes Davis has been posting on TikTok about his one-of-a-kind contraption, because why just mow your lawn the usual way when you can mow it in a four-wheel-drive riding lawn mower with giant tires and a racing seat?

But shouldn’t he also be drinking cranberry juice and listening to Fleetwood Mac while he mows?

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Photo via Hyundai