Things are getting wild in the local Nextdoor group.

I got cheesed–Andover Circle, Wexford On Monday or Tuesday night I heard a noice outside my window. Then a 2nd noice. I listened and heard nothing more, so forgot about it. This morning, I was working in my gardens and saw a slice of that square cheese, maybe Valveeta, stuck to my window. With another slice on the ground! And *STUCK* to my window! Will need a putty knife to remove. I spoke with a neighbor who said they had those plastic sleeves that wrap cheese slices blowing around their house in last weeks wind. Now I’ve heard of another neighbor on Sawmill who was also cheesed. What the??? Is this a new generation of TPing? I don’t have teenage children, I give candy at halloween, I thought I was doing everything right! Am I being targeted?

All I can say is the responses to this post were very gouda.