The New York Times once said “Buffalo is destined to be the greatest city on this continent.”

No argument here.

Over time (and often under the radar) this city has been reinventing itself, so that people who maybe used to just fly there to get to Niagara Falls are now making sure to spend time in the city itself.

There’s amazing architecture, lots of history and some great foods.

The wings are a thing, we all know about them, but there’s also the crispy Buffalo-style pizza, and a special local treat known as sponge candy.

It’s similar to what people in other places call honeycomb or sea foam candy.

There’s a base of sugar, syrup and water mixed together, heated and then given some carbon dioxide, most enjoyably by adding a little vinegar and baking powder, like in a science fair volcano.

In Buffalo, once the candy hardens and dries they cut it into squares and cover it in chocolate.

So what makes this city’s candy so special?

Buffalonians say their sponge candy has a special crunch.

The candy mixture is sensitive to heat and humidity – that’s why it doesn’t travel well – and Buffalo is famously cold, so locals say that gives their candy an edge over similar treats from other places.

All the more reason to drop by and check out Buffalo for yourself.

There’s also an ice cream shop in Buffalo that’s has done what one might expect: they’ve created a flavor that’s based on the city’s tangy sauce normally found on chicken wings.

The hot sauce and ice cream connection has never been available on a regular basis.

It’s only been for sale at festivals and special events.

But now, you can satisfy your cravings for hot sauce mixed into cold desserts anytime you like, and no matter what faces other people might make about them when you’re not looking.

(And no, nobody in Buffalo paid me to say any of this!)

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