A very historic day, for weird moments in presidential history.

Today in 1992, President George H.W. Bush got sick in the middle of a state dinner in Japan. The video footage and initial reporting made the situation look worse than it wound up being, and the prez and first lady both made a point of laughing it off in the next day’s New York Times.

Mrs. Bush’s press secretary, Ana Perez, told reporters that the First Lady heard the president joke as he lay on the floor. “He said to the Prime Minister, ‘Why don’t you roll me under the table and I’ll sleep it off while you finish the dinner,'” she said.

By the way, Bush 41’s flu spell at the state dinner led, at least for a while, to a new word in Japanese – “Bushu-suru,” or “to do the Bush thing.”

I really enjoyed the Bullseye interview with Tanya Tucker! The whole thing is good but especially listen at about 15:00 in when she does her Jimmy Durante impression!

Lastly, Skittles apparently has its own To-Go Drink Mix. Finally I can enjoy the great taste of Skittles in a drink mix without having to order it in a restaurant!