I can, without blinking, think of at least a half dozen bands from Illinois that fall under the “criminally underappreciated” category – and that’s not even counting the ones I was in (!) Let us go no further, then, without sending some vibes to Poster Children, who, among many accomplishments, wrote the song “He’s My Star” for David Hasselhoff. And it’s a great song. And they gave a copy of the song to the Hoff. And the story is as good as the song:

The show was put on by MIX95.1 or whatever that easy-listening station is in Denver, and radio DJs were “hyping it up,” doing Michael Jackson imitations to everyone’s glee, when suddenly, David Hasselhoff, tan, gorgeous, and 45, shirt open, chest hair exposed, descended from the escalator as the stereo began to blast his song, into the crowd of radio people for MIX95.1. The crowd screamed. David proceeded to sing along with his tape for a few lines, slightly off-key at first but then right on the money. Then the music died down, and he yelled, “Hey EVERYONE! How’re you doing today?” The crowd squealed with delight, and the next thing he said was, “This is MY Song!! How many of you have heard this song on the radio?!” The crowd became almost silent, suddenly, and someone blurted out a sheepish “hurray,” and then he screamed, “Well, That’s because THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT PLAYING MY RECORD!,” and then, semi-playfully, “HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU GUYS PLAYED THIS SONG?” and the radio DJ said, “Well, we played it that day last week that we interviewed you!” “AH, SO YOU ONLY PLAYED IT ONCE?” David screamed, when Rick and I, on the outskirts of the crowd, looked at each other, realizing that we were IN THE SAME BOAT AS DAVID HASSELHOFF, and we felt compassion.

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