As of this recording humans still control the world, not robots, although the robots may soon have control over apples.

Not the giant tech company (at least not that I know of) but the fruit.

According to a new piece from Wired Magazine, a robotics firm in New Zealand is testing a robot that’s supposed to move through the rows of the apple orchard, spot ripe fruit, yank it from the tree with lasers and bring it back to the farmer.

Of course, robot apple pickers could just be the gateway for some kind of farm skynet to conquer humanity by taking away the very thing that keeps doctors away, but proponents point out that picking apples is hard work and the labor force in the field is on the decline. Robots could make up the difference.

And it’s a big breakthrough for agricultural automation.

Apple picking isn’t like other harvests, where you can run a big machine through and trample the trees or plants until you’ve got what you came for.

Perhaps apple orchards require roboticists to think different?

Apples are good every day, but if you’re seriously into fitness and it’s your cheat day, you might go for something a little more fatty.

That’s what strongman/YouTuber Brian Shaw did for a recent video, or tried to.

Shaw ordered literally everything on the menu at his local Taco Bell: soft tacos, quesadillas, even three caramel apple empanadas.

In all, $120.30 worth of food, amounting to 20,000 calories.

This fourthmeal for the ages left quite an impression on this mountain of a man, and we’ll just leave it at that.

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Apple photo by DataHamster via Flickr/Creative Commons