Lots of stories involving presidents and/or crime today.

Today is the birthday of Herbert Hoover, 31st president of the United States and namesake of the greatest sport in the world, Hooverball!

My favorite Hoover story: when he was in his late eighties his doctors said he needed to cut back from two martinis a day to one for his health. So he started drinking a double-sized martini out of a larger glass.

Here’s a fun thread on Twitter. People are writing the plots of their favorite movies as if they were posts on Reddit’s r/relationship board.

Not everyone likes the “classics.” CrimeReads presents 25 one-star reviews of “Crime and Punishment.”

Speaking of crime, Smithsonian has a bonkers piece about a Florida Man of the 19th century who ran wild in Cedar Key, and the only person who could stop him was President Benjamin Harrison.

And last but not least: Cookie Monster at Wrigley Field. “Me don’t care if me ever get back.”