Today Is Ed Balls Day, To Which We Say “Ed Balls” (Cool Weird Awesome 998)

Today in 2011, UK politician Ed Balls sent a tweet that just said "Ed Balls." He was trying to search for his name, not post it, but the inadvertent self-rep turned into a meme and a wonderfully weird annual tradition.

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Twitter’s “Fail Whale” Turned Out To Be A Big Success (Cool Weird Awesome 574)

Today in 2006, Twttr launched; and in its early days the social media platform gained vowels in its name and fame for a cute whale that would show up during its then-regular outages.

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To Save Water, Sometimes LESS Is More (Cool Weird Awesome 179)

Researchers at Penn State University have created liquid-entrenched smooth surface, or LESS. Why? To coat our toilets. Why? So stuff can't stick to them. Why? To save water, which we use by the tens of billions of gallons each day just to re-flush that stuck stuff. Why? Because life is unfair sometimes. Plus: Twitter minus words, videos, pictures and links is a pretty amazing thing, judging by the project called Emoji Storm!

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HooverBall and Hoover Drinks: Some Things For August 10, 2019

Lots of stories involving presidents and/or crime today.

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