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Burlington, North Carolina is a community of almost 60,000 people, northwest of Raleigh.

The slogan is “Belong in Burlington.”

In October 2022, a Burlingtonian headed out to his driveway to start a vehicle.

While he made his way back into the house, authorities say another man pointed a weapon at him and tried to get inside.

It was an attempted home invasion.

The resident tried to protect himself by shutting the door before the aggressor could get in.

The perpetrator fired his weapon, grazing the resident’s chest, but it wasn’t enough to get him in the house.

Finally the resident shut the door on the invader’s hand to get it closed.

The incident was over.

When investigators arrived on the scene, they looked for evidence, and they found plenty.

The would-be home invader had left behind a black glove… and inside that black glove was a severed finger.

That’s, of course, what the authorities used to find the suspect, arrest him and charge him with first degree burglary and assault with a deadly weapon, among other counts.

I’ve heard of witnesses pointing the finger at a suspect before, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a suspect who literally fingered himself.

Authorities in China found evidence that someone had not only burgarized an apartment, they had stayed over for the night and made noodles and eggs in the kitchen.

What cracked the case?

They found a tiny bloodstain on the wall.

The suspect had apparently gotten bit by a mosquito, then smooshed the bug.

And that meant he had left his DNA on the wall for the investigators to find.

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Photo by eltpics via Flickr/Creative Commons