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It sure was nice to hear the other day that the host of Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek, is not only doing well following his cancer treatment, he’s already back at work on a new season of the show!

Work days on Jeopardy! are pretty intense. They’ve often filmed a week’s worth of shows in a single day. That’s 305 clues for the host to track, if you include Final Jeopardy, and it means five suit changes, as Trebek puts on a new one after each episode to make the next one look like it was recorded on a different day.

There’s one more skill that Trebek has mastered in the 35 years he’s hosted the show: finding different ways to acknowledge right and wrong answers. You can’t just say “right” or “correct” over and over, after all, so he’s managed to come up with a whole arsenal of responses to responses.

In fact, there’s now a website called the Trebek Affirmation Soundboard, that looks like the board for a Jeopardy round, but when you click on each of the blue boxes, you hear a different affirmation from Alex Trebek – everything from “yes” to “Yes!” to “that’s it!” to “you got it!”

And now it’s time for Johnny Gilbert to tell us what we’ve won – oh, wait, we don’t have prizes on this show.

Nonetheless, it’s wise to choose your words thoughtfully, like in the story of two sisters.

One of them was Deanna Adams, who decided on a low-key approach for her upcoming wedding. She told her wedding party, choose your own outfits, wear whatever you want, it’s up to you.

The other sister, Christina Meador, was the maid of honor, and she took the direction to wear what you want to a new level, showing up to the wedding in a giant, inflatable T-rex costume.

“I regret nothing,” she said in posting the picture online – and fortunately her sister the bride loved the whole thing and declared Christina “awesome.”

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