Today we head to the community of Casey, in east central Illinois.

The population is only a couple thousand people, but it feels bigger, maybe because of something called Big Things In A Small Town.

As the website Roadtrippers reported, Casey says it’s home to the world’s largest golf tee, knitting and crochet hook, mailbox, pitchfork, rocking chair and wind chime, not to mention the extremely large birdcage, top, pencil and yardstick.

Local business owner Jim Bolin put up the giant wind chime first, hoping to draw visitors to his cafe. It worked, so he put up another giant piece, and another, and another.

They got a lot of the raw materials for the pieces from old telephone poles and metal that another one of Bolin’s companies had been hired to remove.

Now, he says, Casey’s population doubles each weekend as people check out all the big things.

But there’s a big opportunity coming up.

As a fundraiser, the Big Things project is holding a raffle.

The winner gets to climb up the World’s Biggest Rocking Chair. That’s something only a handful of people have been able to do so far, which may be due to the fact that the world’s biggest rocking chair is 56 feet tall.

Tomorrow in Boulder City, Nevada, it’s the Wurst Festival. I’m not mocking the event, it’s named for wurst, as in bratwurst. They’re going to cook up thousands of those, along with sausages and hot dogs.

And there will be puns, like when classic car collectors drive in, which is known as the Wurst Dam Car Show.

Here’s your chance to sit on the World’s Largest Rocking Chair, one of many giant attractions in a tiny Illinois town (Roadtrippers)

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World’s largest pitchfork photo by Drew Tarvin via Flickr/Creative Commons