Virginia Apgar’s Score Has Helped Millions Of Babies Stay Healthy (Cool Weird Awesome 1021)

Today in 1909, the birthday of Dr. Virginia Apgar, who created the short but important test known as the Apgar Score to make sure a newborn baby is getting off to a good start.

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First Lady Mamie Eisenhower Had Her Own Shade Of Pink (Cool Weird Awesome 1018)

Today is one of several days the US commemorates its First Ladies. Some are well known, some are obscure. Some loved the job, others didn't want it at all. But only one First Lady had her own color: Mamie Eisenhower, the namesake of "Mamie pink."

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The Michigan Tycoon Who Made His Descendants Wait 92 Years To Inherit His Fortune (Cool Weird Awesome 1016)

Wellington R. Burt, known as "The Lone Pine of Michigan," was once among the wealthiest people in America - but when he died in 1919, he made sure most of that anyone who expected to inherit a big chunk of his enormous fortune would have to wait a long, long time.

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How Suitcases With Wheels Helped Travelers Get On A Roll (Cool Weird Awesome 1015)

Inventors put wheels on suitcases and made it so much easier for travelers to get their bags through airports and terminals and lobbies. So why was there so much resistance to rolling luggage when it first went up for sale?

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Parrots Like To Do Video Calls WIth Other Parrots (Cool Weird Awesome 1008)

This is one of the great technological and social breakthroughs of our time: scientists have figured out how parrots can do video calls with each other, and they love it!

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There’s A Big Metal Ball Just Hanging Out In Earth Orbit, And It’s Super Useful (Cool Weird Awesome 1003)

Today in 1965 the launch of what is the oldest functioning object in Earth orbit, Lincoln Calibration Sphere 1. To say it's "functioning" might be overstating things, since all it does it sit up there, but it's still had a big impact on science.

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Cliff Young Won An Ultramarathon By Running Like An “Old Turtle” (Cool Weird Awesome 997)

Forty years ago today, the first ever Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon began. Five days later, the first guy to cross the finish line was a 61 year old farmer with arthritis in both legs. Here's how self-described "old turtle" Cliff Young pulled off such an unexpected win.

When An Apollo Astronaut Had A Gas Problem On The Moon (Cool Weird Awesome 993)

Today in 1972, astronauts John Young and Charles Duke stepped on the Moon during the Apollo 16 mission. Along the way, one of the moonwalkers revealed to the world, without meaning to, that orange juice had made him gassy.

Did A Dolphin Known As Pelorus Jack Actually Guide Ships Through The Sea? (Cool Weird Awesome 988)

For National Dolphin Day, the story of a dolphin called Pelorus Jack who was famous for allegedly escorting ships off the coast of New Zealand. 

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Science Says Cats Can Perceive Time, Sort Of (Cool Weird Awesome 962)

The news site Inverse stopped me in my tracks with their recent article “Can Cats Tell Time? Yes, But It's Complicated.” And, when we look at the relationship between cats and time, it is complicated.

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