John Quincy Adams Tomb

Buried: Quincy, Massachusetts
Died: February 23, 1848

See him: The United First Parish Church is one of the rare spots in America where you can see two presidents at once. Not only is JQA buried here, but so is his father, John Adams; in fact, they’re in the same basement crypt, along with their wives. Papa John is right inside the door, where as the younger Adams is a bit more tucked away – but only a bit, as this is, shall we say, an “efficiency” crypt. The church runs hourly tours on most days during the summer months; be sure to get a tour of the main church itself, which is in great shape and has two really cool Adams-themed wall installations, extolling the presidents’ virtues and achievements and assigning each of them a special motto in Latin. There’s also “The Adams Pew,” a few rows from the front in the center aisle. It’s where they would sit for services were they, you know, not in the basement.