Today’s episode is definitely worth the paper it’s printed – and re-printed – on.

We use lots and lots of paper, hundreds of millions of tons a year.

Some of that paper gets recycled, and a lot of people have taken to flipping printouts over and using the second side rather than dispatching half-used papers.

But there are still some environmental costs with each page that gets written on or printed out.

But there may be a way to stretch those pages a lot further.

Researchers at Rutgers University has been developing a system that can UN-print the printing on standard printer paper.

A xenon lamp puts out pulses of light; then the system gives the paper a wipe with a bit of alcohol, and that separates the toner from the paper in a way that uses less energy and material than the conventional paper recycling process.

Each page can be used, wiped and re-used five times.

Now we just need a keyboard shortcut for un-printing like the one we have now for printing.

A new invention aims to make a trip to the hospital a little more fun, or at least a little less scary, for kids, and the inventor is a kid herself!

Ella Casano said she’s been getting IV infusions and has noticed that all the tubing and other equipment can be a little intimidating.

She came up with the idea of covering the IV bag with something cute – and maybe other young patients will feel better about those infusions.

She came up with a smiling plush bear that essentially hides the IV bag in a mesh pouch on its back.

Its name? The Medi-Teddy.

New Unprinting Method Can Help Recycle Paper and Curb Environmental Costs (Rutgers)

12 Year Old Girl Invents an Adorable Teddy Bear That Hides IV Bags Making Infusions Less Scary to Children (Laughing Squid)

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Printer photo by Random Retail via Flickr/Creative Commons