A New Brace Can Treat Scoliosis Without Cramping The Wearer’s Style (Cool Weird Awesome 865)

Back braces for scoliosis haven't always been the most comfortable or fun to wear in public. But Airy, the newest prototype back brace, could even be called stylish.

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The Robot That Could Do Surgeries In Space (Cool Weird Awesome 837)

MIRA is a small robotic surgery system that's set for testing on the International Space Station - and could end up helping astronauts prepare for long-term missions to the Moon as part of the Artemis project.

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We Could Soon Do Ultrasounds Through A Wearable Patch (Cool Weird Awesome 825)

Researchers at MIT have created a high-tech device that’s about one square inch in size and just a few millimeters thick, and can do ultrasounds for as long as 48 hours.

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Latvia Has Blue Cows And A Play Helped Save Them (Cool Weird Awesome 808)

Today is Cow Appreciation Day, so here's the story of some very unusual cows in Latvia and a playwright who helped save them from disappearing for good.

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A Rare Blood Condition Led To The “Blue People Of Kentucky” (Cool Weird Awesome 794)

A family in rural Kentucky with a rare blood disorder had blue complexions for decades - until a doctor found a way to treat it.

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How A Doctor In Norway Survived Extreme Hypothermia (Cool Weird Awesome 776)

Today in 2000, Dr. Anna Bågenholm's body temperature fell to the lowest level ever survived by a human being. Here's the story of how she faced extreme hypothermia and came back to life. Plus: tomorrow in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, it’s the Kielbasi Festival/Heritage Day. 

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Solar-Powered Cribs Are A Bright Idea To Stop Jaundice (Cool Weird Awesome 736)

Jaundice is treatable with phototherapy, but not all places have access to light therapy machines. A startup in Nigeria is building solar-powered phototherapy machines to fill that gap.

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Dinosaurs Got Sore Throats And Sniffles, Apparently (Cool Weird Awesome 727)

There were cold-like illnesses and sore throats long before there were humans to catch colds and to get sore throats. A research project has found another creature that got sniffles: dinosaurs.

The Hospital Of The Future’s Secret Weapon Is Surgical “Duct Tape” (Cool Weird Awesome 720)

A team at MIT has come up with a new substance that do-it-yourselfers will love: a surgical "duct tape" that can help seal up wounds and tears in the body's gastrointestinal system.

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A Century Ago, Hugo Gernsback Predicted Telemedicine (Cool Weird Awesome 611)

These days, with everything moving further and further online, it's not a surprise that many of us can see our doctors through remote appointments. But a century ago, a radio enthusiast called Hugo Gernsback predicted a way that doctors could examine patients remotely, using radio waves. Plus: a giant blob of old pizza dough has become an odd kind of celebrity in New Orleans. 

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