It’s The Birthday of “Steady” Ed Headrick, the “Father of Disc Golf” (Cool Weird Awesome 561)

It's the birthday of the guy who took two sports and fused them into one: Ed Headrick, known today as the Father of Disc Golf. Here's some of his story. Plus: it's Pride Day, part of Pride Month, and there's still time to see the original rainbow Pride Flag at San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Society Museum.

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The Story Of How Frisbees Flew Into Millions Of People’s Hands – And Hearts (Cool Weird Awesome 222)

Today's the birthday of one of the great toys of our time: the Frisbee. Though if the man who put that toy into millions of hands had his way, it would’ve been called the Pluto Platter. Plus: on this National Pie Day, head to Rockland, Maine for the 16th Annual Pies on Parade Gala.

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