Scientists Flipped Coins 350,757 Times To See If The Results Were 50/50 (Cool Weird Awesome 1106)

Flip a standard coin and you’ve got a 50 percent chance of heads and a 50 percent chance of tails, right? Well, there’s new research out that says… maybe not quite.

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Ora Washington, The “Queen Of Two Courts,” Ruled Tennis And Basketball Alike (Cool Weird Awesome 956)

For National Play Tennis Day, the story of Ora Washington, one of the great early stars of women's tennis who also happened to be one of the great early stars of women's basketball.

It’s The Birthday of “Steady” Ed Headrick, the “Father of Disc Golf” (Cool Weird Awesome 561)

It's the birthday of the guy who took two sports and fused them into one: Ed Headrick, known today as the Father of Disc Golf. Here's some of his story.

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