It’s been a whirlwind of a month here at Flat Earth Music headquarters, now that the CD is finally available and “Everyone’s the One” has been such an unexpected hit. On’s Alt. Country charts, “Everyone” has been as high as #4 overall- higher than Chris Thomas King of “O Brother Where Art Thou?” fame, higher than Freedy Johnston, Freakwater, Mark Eitzel, even “Osama Run Home To Your Mama” by Bret Walton.

Sales of the new CD are brisk as well. We’ve sold 200% more copies of Flat Earth Music than with all of my other solo CDs put together! This would be quite an achievement if any of my other CDs had sold even one copy.

And life on the road is more exciting than ever, as people have gone from saying “who are you?” to “oh no, that guy’s back again.” I figure it’s a step in the right direction.

These achievements may seem small, but they suggest that greater things are yet to come. At this rate I should be the world’s top selling recording artist in about six hundred years.