This reporter appears to be having a rough day. The powers that be have sent him out to do a story, but what story? The reporter does not know – or as he says in slightly more colorful language, “What’s the big f***ing deal? What the f*** are we doing out here, I ask you?”

At first I thought he was being meta, and deconstructing the news story – being very open-source and asking the questions we should be asking. “I’m just a man,” was the subtext. “I learn just like you do, by asking questions. Just because I have a microphone and a camera crew doesn’t mean I’m any more of an authority than you are. So look on the water and traffic with me, and let’s look for the big f***ing deal together. Let’s educate and empower each other.” Yeah! Knowledge is power! Free your mind!

That’s what I thought he was doing. But now I’m more convinced he got sent to a story and no one told him what he was supposed to cover and it honked him off a little.