Welcome back to my attempt to be the Best Dad on the Internet! There is a lot more coming beyond these YouTube roundups, but it was a very busy summer of being the best dad _off_ the internet and I had to do all that before I did this.

Anyway, we are covering a LOT of ground in this roundup, as you’ll see. Enjoy these videos with your kids and share your own suggestions in the comments!

This week’s videos:

Voyager’s voyage

This week marked the 42nd anniversary of the launch of Voyager 1, which has traveled farther than any Earth object ever. This video from NASA is a couple years old, so the trip is even longer than it shows here, but if your kids know a little bit about how big the solar system is, they’ll marvel at this representation of the journeys both Voyager crafts have taken so far. [NASA]

Lucas the Spider meets a cuckoo clock

How have I not known about Lucas until now? This friendly little spider just knows there’s a bird inside the clock, and tries a bunch of ways to make friends with it. I have some binge-watching to do after this. [Lucas the Spider]

We all live in a Lego Submarine


My kids love videos where you don’t just see makers making cool things, but showing you how they made it work. This video is 13+ minutes, but you see some of the trial and error that went into getting this unorthodox-looking contraption to actually zoom around underwater. It’s worth the time investment. [Brick Experiment Channel]

Cute animals are cute

The Dodo is hitting a sweet spot for adorable stories about animals, like the story of Billo the cat and his monkey pal Avni. Yes, there are more substantive animal videos in the world, but to me there’s never a bad time to point out a little kindness in the world. [The Dodo]

Live without a net

Skydiver Luke Atkins tells the story of the time he jumped out of an airplane, with no parachute, to land on a big net. I’m no adrenaline junkie but it was fun hearing and watching him describe how he solved this puzzle and found a way to get back to just the right spot from way up high. [Wonder World]

Have a video to recommend? Need a recommendation? Share in the comments!