A few months ago we brought you the story about the company that made coffee cups out of recycled coffee grounds.

Well, the world of orange juice is making its move now.

It’s called Feel the Peel, and it’s a partnership between energy company ENI and a design firm, Carlo Ratti.

It’s a big automated juicing machine that has, as a sort of canopy, a metal track that holds up to 1,500 oranges.

But once it juices the orange, it doesn’t toss out the rest. It stores, dries and transforms the peels into a kind of bioplastic, and sends them into a 3D printer, where they’re turned into cups that can hold the orange juice.

Although, if the cup comes out of the orange, how do you drink the first cup of juice? Or maybe you just sort of put your head under the machine?

Meanwhile, Food & Wine reports on a new place in London called Pick & Cheese. You sit in front of a long conveyor belt that brings you 25 different types of cheese, paired with condiments!

Honestly, if I went in and sat at that table, I don’t know if I would ever want to go back out.

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Photo by Maria Mastrafchieva via Flickr/Creative Commons