This site is about people, particularly people who make low-budget movies about dinosaurs in space. But from time to time we like to involve those who don’t create such carefully considered cultural artifacts; that’s why we’re starting a new feature where we’ll answer your questions. Priority goes to those asking about low-budget movies about dinosaurs in space.

Should you accept FB friend requests from people who never gave you the time of day in high school?

-Dan in New Hampshire

Great question, Dan. I read advice columns all the time now, and Facebook etiquette questions come up in their columns more and more every week. So it makes sense to start our new questions feature with a Facebook etiquette question, not just because it’s very timely but because it gives me instant credibility among the advice column crowd. I got three phone calls from Amy Dickinson in the time it took me to type out this answer. So things are looking way up for me! Now, what was the question? About people who don’t have the time of day for you? Sounds rough, man, would love to help but I’ve got this thing I’m supposed to do, maybe some other time? Catch you later, man.

– Brady